Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Short film location scouting

We decided to go location scouting for our short film today. We went up onto Minera Mountain, as we thought it would be a good setting for our film, due to the bleak landscape and the horror genre to our film.

The weather was not the best as it was foggy/misty but this could add to the production values and give it a more eerie atmosphere.

Another option would be to go to Abbey Crucis which is near Llangollen. If we were to film here we would need to get in-touch with the land owner so we would not be prosecuted for trespassing.

From this image with the lightening we have been inspired to add lightening in After-effects to show horror and add tension in our film. We also like the black and white effect and would like to experiment with this, but we aren't sure if we would want this all the way through our film, However we thought it might look more effective in the title sequence.

Photo's from our visit to Minera Mountain:

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